Kerri Powers and Brendan Hogan Gallery Concert

Brendan Hogan to perform with Kerri Powers

Brendan Hogan and Kerri Powers come  to one of the great listening rooms in town,  The New England Folk Music Archives. Kerri and Brendan will perform solo sets and if we’re lucky play a few tunes together.

For tickets to the March 2nd show, click here

Kerri Powers
Kerri Powers’ throaty voice complements the moody, intimate songs on her recordings. With these songs, it’s clear that she looks for beauty on the darker side of life. However, with lyrics that are often considered quirky and whimsical, the songs can also have a hopeful feel but are never bouncy. “I put myself right in the middle of each song and find the truth in them,” Kerri says. She brings that same intimacy and charm to her live performances.

Kerri grew up listening to Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Patsy Cline, and Hank Williams. She took guitar lessons alongside her father when she was 9 and gravitated to the edgier sound of blues and soul. You might put her in the company of Lucinda Williams, Margo Timmins, or Karen Dalton.


 Brendan Hogan

Brendan Hogan’s second solo album, SilverQuick, was recorded in a home studio using a single microphone, a few guitars, a couple old tube amps, and a lot of experimentation with ordinary (and extraordinary) household objects, analog and digital synths, and a lot of delays.

SilverQuick features 12 new songs, and a 10+ page booklet with lyrics, artwork, and instrumentation details. The album is a “Do What You Want With It” release. That is, it was written and recorded as an album to be listening to as an album, sit down at a CD player and listen to it with the booklet. It’s worth it.

In late-2009, Hogan wrote and recorded his debut CD, Long Night Coming, featuring original roots, modern folk, and blues-based songs, The Boston Globe newspaper has called SilverQuick “elusive, transcendent, mercurial Americana”.

True music fans expect a little more from the artists they appreciate, and Brendan Hogan’s new album SilverQuick stays true to the methods of making a genuine album.

Last month Brendan performed at the Crossroads Coffeehouse in North Andover, MA.

To hear Brendan’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Things Have Changed”.  click here

For tickets to the March 2nd show, click here