The Rose Garden Coffeehouse Turns 25

The Rose Garden Crew

The Rose Garden Coffeehouse, unbelievable! A music series lasting 25 years and of all things, featuring folk music! It is jaw dropping for sure but under the guidance of “Mac” McLanahan that’s exactly what the Rose Garden Coffeehouse has accomplished.

The music coffeehouse is a New England tradition and we are so lucky to have so many in the area. There is even an association established to help coffeehouses, well, help themselves.  Check them out: The Boston Area Coffeehouse Association.However, there is something special about the Rose Garden.Sure the music is fabulous but what is truly noteworthy about the Rose Garden is that they’ve endured for a quarter of a century. Mac will tell you that it’s all due to the volunteers who give so much year after year to make it all happen. From the sound engineers, to the folks who bake the goods, to the ticket takers, to the folks who set up the chairs and then take them down again, every one has a part to play.That’s what community is all about, isn’t it?The Rose Garden kicks off it’s 25th season Saturday September 21st, in Mansfield, MA. They’re putting on a free outdoor concert on the South Common at 4:30 p.m.  It’s part of the Mansfield Music & Arts Society’s Arts Festival.Folk veterans Atwater Donnelly  will perform.

As you’re enjoying the music, say thanks to the volunteers who have been putting on shows for decades and say happy birthday to Mac.

Tell him he looks good for 25.

For information on The Rose Garden Coffeehouse and how you can help out click here

Here is a sample of what you’ll hear at the Rose Garden. It’s The Kennedys “Blackbird into 8 Mile High”