vinyl records

Vinyl just sounds better, right? It sounds “warm” and even though the digital recordings are “clean” vinyl just “feels” more comfortable. Well now vinyl is officially making a comeback. Check out this recent New York Times article stating that vinyl sales are on track to reach about 5.5 million.

David Bakula, Nielsen SoundScan’s senior vice president of client development and insights, said:

“We never expected the vinyl resurgence to become as crazy as it is,” he said. “But it’s come full circle. We get kids calling us up and telling us why they listen to vinyl, and when we ask them why they don’t listen to CDs, they say, ‘CDs? My dad listens to CDs — why would I do that?’

Nice vinyl Collection

Nice Vinyl Collection

I’m rediscovering my record collection. It’s like connecting with old friends and remembering where we were when we first met. Now the collection in the photo is a bit extreme, but somehow I can relate. Read about the “Vinyl Hoarder” here.

Here are some of the world’s greatest record stores. How many have you visited?

Of course you have to take great care of records. We all remember when our favorite recording got scratched or worse “warped”.

John Hartford has a great song about this.

Some folks have created a business out of unused phonograph records.  Here is my favorite.  Eye Glasses!

Vinyl Eye Glasses

It’s called Vinylize.

Well, now my kids may understand what I mean when I say “You sound like a broken record.”